My name is Jason, I’m a beginner bonsai artist from Western Australia, and have created this site to document my learning progress, and also in hopes of bringing more attention to bonsai within Australia.

I’m a ‘tech geek’ who has recently taken a step back to get in touch with nature. A turning point in my life as I see it. I simply reached a point where I was not sure where I was going, or where I would end up, so I decided it was time for a massive change.

The first ‘spark’ with me getting back in touch with nature, was when I started up a small garden at the house where I was staying (when I say small, I mean 2 by 2 meter space outside), that included a few natives and a few veggies. Truth be told, I don’t even know what made me buy those natives (a Mel. Systena and a Native Iris), but it was the first step in my passion for natives.

From there, I realised that with the limited space I had, a ‘garden’ was not really suited to my situation. So it got me wondering on how I could downsize my garden, but still get the same effect of something full sized. Obviously, the veggies were out, I did try a small potted veggie garden, but it just didn’t work, most of the veggies simply need more room to grow or more water then I could give them while at work. So, naturally, my searching brought me to bonsai, and the website AusBonsai, which I credit my begginings to.

That one site was full of inspiration. One particular artist (who I’m not sure whether it is polite to mention their name) caught my attention, and his work on natives further fueled the spark inside me… and has really cemented a love for natives in my heart.

Which is one of the reason’s that Australian Natives are going to be my main focus for my bonsai career. Not only in hopes of growing the art of bonsai within Australia, but also to show off our amazing native tree’s to the rest of the world.

This website, or blog, is my hopes of bringing a few of my passions together. I hope to use it as a ‘spring board’ to make bonsai more accessible in Australia in an age where everything is found online. Not only that, it will document my learning as a beginner, through to the end of my bonsai career (if there is ever an end?), so people can share in my journey, and hopefully learn something from it along the way.

My short term dream, is basically to simply improve my bonsai skills, and to get myself into a position where I am able to start living my long term dreams. Before I can start focusing on that, I need to get my skills to a respectable level at the very least, so for now, that is my true focus.

Long term, I would really like to bring bonsai into the spotlight in Australia. I’d love to start my own Youtube channel, along the lines with Lynsay Farr and Bjorvala Bonsai Studios, which I would use to explore bonsai within Australia. I’d love to visit each of our artists to study with them, and hopefully interview each for my website, even one day making my way over to Japan to study there. A big dream I know, and a very large one in reality, but I think you need to dream big in order to achieve big results. 

That is it about me, I’m a very open person, so if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments or drop me a line personally.

All pictures throughout the site (except where noted) are taken by myself. If you would like to use the images, please contact me.

Thankyou for taking the time to read a little bit about myself.

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