Slowly but surely!

I thought I would just pop in with a quick update on things around the place, to keep you all in the loop on what has been happening.

Firstly, we’re official! I’ve now registered Down Under Bonsai, and the site and domain are now my own. This was the planned first step in getting this site moving, and I am glad it is now done. I’m now moving on to an image for the site, which I am also not too far from receiving, I’ve worked with some truely great artists getting this done so am quite happy with the results.

Next up, and the reason I’ve been so quiet lately, is my next project. I can’t say much, as it is not for my site, but I can say that I truely believe this is going to benefit bonsai in the country greatly. It has been years of work, and I’ve now taken on the project to bring it to life. It is not my work, as much as I’d love to claim it (:P), but I am responsible for making it ‘beautiful’…. as I like to think of it. This is pretty much taking up every scrap of my spare time…. which is by choice as I’m really passionate about this project and do believe this will take the art that much further in the country…. but unfortunately its been pulling me away from here. Rest assured though, I am not neglecting you and I have quite a large article due soon.

Lastly, I have treated myself to a new camera! I photograph a lot of bonsai and shows, but have never been happy with the pictures, so I went and bit the bullet, and bought myself a ‘big boy’ camera, a new DSLR Nikon D5200. Not top of the range… but still much better then the point and shoot that I was previously using.

So thanks for sticking with me through this opening period, and I hope to have this beast up and running very soon.

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