Very busy shedule!

I thought I better pop in, and give a brief update on my activities.

It’s been crazy to say the least. Work is taking up an increasing amount of time, meaning less time for bonsai. I don’t get home to after dark, so I’m watering with a torch in one hand, and watering can in the other…. not very ideal. Unfortunately that is just how it goes, I am not able to bring them inside, and there are no lights outside, so I basically cannot work my bonsai during the week, other then watering them. My weekends can be much the same, leaving me with next to no time to spend with my special little guys.

Thats ok though, life is life, and it throws you a curve ball more often then not. The trick is not letting it get the better of you!

So this weekend will be very busy for me again, however I NEED to get into the garden, so I’ve made it a priority. I need to firstly get some soil (dam ants!) and give some pots a top up, and repot some others. Then, if I still have time I’ll be giving a few of my bonsai a wire.

I’m also now two weeks away from the Robert Steven workshop, which I’ve signed up for both days. I’ve got two tree’s lined up, one a nice Shimpaku Juniper and the other a Melaleuca Incana which I’ve decided is finally time to give some direction to. Both I think are great tree’s for a workshop, so hopefully I will get a lot out of it. I’ve also been asked to assist Robert at our meeting on Monday, which I’m pretty bloody excited about too!!

So that is it for now, I’m planning on giving a much more thorough update in the lead up to the workshop. I’m also currently working on a massive project for the AusBonsai Community, which is set to be pretty dam big! Stay tuned for more on that at a later date!

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