What to do…

So now that I find myself with a website, I am needing to come up with a shedule of some nature on how often I will post updates, and more importantly, whether I will continue to keep this as a blog, or perhaps start pushing towards a full blown webpage. Granted, I need to further my knowledge on webpage creation before I can do so, but I’m learning more every day.

This isn’t the first website I’ve created, once upon a time I ran one of the more popular australian gaming websites. Unfortunatley due to time constraints, and other commitments, I was not able to give the site the attention it needed… which really hurt, as to say it was my ‘pride and joy’ would have been an understatement. However, when you have a large number of members, that lack of attention can become a major issue, very quickly. Unfortunately, things just hit the fan, one day I had a lot of time for the site, then literally within a week, I was in a new role at work, and finding myself with next to no free time. Plus my own personal issues thrown into the mix, but I will spare you those details. The site is still around from what I know, albeit a bit smaller, but still kicking

There really is no purpose to this post, just an update to keep me and the site moving along, and just to get me in the swing of having a blog. To be honest, I enjoy having a place to just speak my mind… no matter if anyone is actually reading or not. I’m not a big talker… but I am a big typer. I’m just hoping that I keep it up, and that my plans for this site will continue to happen, and come to fruition.

I have some big ideas, and believe that I am on the brink of something massive…. I realise how clichéd that sounds, but its true. Bonsai needs to be brought to the 21st century, and I hope to find the way to do it… or at least to help it grow within Australia. If I can do that, I will be a happy man

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