Ready for the workshop!

Well, after a visit to the Bonsai Emporium this weekend, I’m now offically ready for Bill Valavanis’ workshop at the end of the month. Am very excited to see what I can learn from this man I’ve heard (and read) so much about.

Unfortunately, I also managed to blow my back out again, preforming the most mundane of tasks (I think I was getting a drink of water). So it was a most interesting trip to try and look for cascade stock… when I can’t even  reach down to do my own shoes up!!

Due to that, I spent most of the weekend off my back and as such didn’t get a oppurtunity to post up my new logo… which is lucky in a way, as I’ve decided to change it a little anyway. So, stay tuned!

Back to the cascade! I ended up choosing a nice juniper, well… I picked the best one I could see without being able to bend down and have a look at it. I’m hoping that it will be enough to work with, I didn’t scrape on the price… too much at least… I decided to go for one that wasn’t in a training pot, which saved me half the price, allowing me to get better stock. Just hope that the lack of pot won’t be a problem in the workshop, I guess I could just wack it in the pot beforehand… but I don’t want to stress the plant anymore then I need to so…. we’ll see I guess.

Anyways, providing there is enough light when I get home, I will post some pics of the stock

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